In the harbour we have to respect the 3 knots (5 km/h). The kart go automatically at 5 km/h at idle speed so we don’t accelerate till the exit of the harbour.


On the sea it’s very important to always look around you, even on a straight line and always look before turning another direction. All boats have priority on the Aquakarts, so keep distance of boats and go away from them.


It’s very important to keep a minimum distance of 50 meter between the Aquakarts, and minimum 100 meter of the shore line! (rocks)


In case of not listening an order from the monitor, the monitor can decide to stop the renting time.


When the client is under influence of alcohol or drugs we will cancel the rent.


The karts are ‘not’ made for jumping, follow the instructions of the monitor.

In case of several jumpings (with purpose) we can stop the renting time.


In case of damage on the kart because of jumping, the caution will not be returned.

By losing the key the caution will also not be returned.